If you browse through the various stages of design of the armrests, you'll notice, and may think, that our armrest is a copy of another companies armrests. Please be aware that this is definitely not so ...our armrests are our design, any other company selling an armrest that is similar has copied our design....I say this with absolute certainty because we used to supply them with our armrests.

I'm proud of my products, especially the passenger armrests which I have personally developed through my own biking experiences and passenger needs. There are some people and businesses who've blatantly attempted to copy my design and concept, and I take this very personal. To them I say, design your own product, don't copy a product from someone else. I own the world wide copyright and intellectual property rights to my design. Beware of the replicas, and, in particular, referring to the armrests, anyone or any company that is selling an armrest that is similar to, or, the same as the armrest which I now sell, or have sold in the past, is copying my design. I do not condone or consent to this practice, and reserve my rights to pursue any such person for damages.

All of the other bits and pieces which I make have also had their changes. Being a biker myself I think it makes it easier to understand what will and what won't appeal to riders.

What's new or in the pipeline.... another set of passenger armrests I'm busy with, not to replace the existing version, but to offer a different style. And also, a set of universal passenger grab bars that will fit a lot of different bikes. Soon we'll be offering a Drink Holder for the flip up armrest, it'll swivel as the armrest is raised or lowered, ie, your drink will always be vertical, no spillage.