Welcome to my website.

A brief introduction about myself and Big Bike Things. I've been a bike rider since the early 70's, almost 44 years, and have never "not owned" a bike in all of those years. Some of the bikes I've owned are, a few different Suzuki's, AS50, RV90, A100, T350, Yamaha DT125, DT175, DT250, Kawasaki Z900, Honda CB450, CB750 K0, Goldwing GL1000 x 3 (75, and a 76 & 77, both of which I still have) and my Honda Valkyrie, CBX1000 6 cylinder, which I should never have sold, the best sounding bike in my opinion.

I've been hand making, well, hand and machine making I guess, all sorts of bits and pieces for my own bikes for years. Went through the cafe' racer craze in the 70's etc.

Back in 2000 I decided to make a business out of doing what I enjoy, so what you see for sale on the Big Bike Things website is what we make.

For the most part I have always used mild steel for my products, and chromed them. Nowadays I'm using a lot more of high quality stainless steel which gets polished to look as good as, if not better than chrome, and, has the major added advantage of never rusting, bubbling or peeling like chrome does, and, if the item happens to get scratched, the scratch can easily be polished away, unlike chrome which if it gets scratched, well, you're stuck with it. So far the the overwhelming response from customers has been excellent, seems as if the market prefers the better qualities and advantages of stainless steel over mild steel.

I'm always open to new product ideas and suggestions and have quite a few on my list, if you have anything you'd like to see me make I'd be happy to hear from you... email me directly at ... barry@bigbikethings.com

Have a look at our Facebook page, a work in progress.

Disclaimer : The pic's below are not all of my own pic's, most of my old photo's are long gone and lost, but the bikes are some of those that I've had over they years.