Armrest for VTX , to fit a Deluxe backrest "ONLY"

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  • Armrest for VTX , to fit a Deluxe backrest "ONLY"
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Armrest for VTX , to fit a Deluxe backrest "ONLY" Summary

Motorcycle passenger armrests for the Honda VTX 1300 and 1800.
Will ONLY fit the "Deluxe" Backrest

Our first motorcycle quick detach passenger armrest was designed in 1999. These are NOT COPIES, they are our very own original design from way way back. To date we've sold thousands of them. Any other company selling armrests that look like ours, or our older design, have and are selling a copy of our armrests...beware of inferior copies.

This is the latest version for the Honda VTX 1300 and 1800. Will ONLY fit the "Deluxe" Backrest.... if you're not sure of what your backrest is, you can see a photo of a Deluxe type in the photo's above.

Perfect for a passenger that may be a little nervous on your bike, or a small child, gives them that extra security and comfort to have something that gives the rider and them peace of mind, as well as the comfort of an arm pad.
They're approximately 20 to 21 inches wide, center to center on the pads, and extend forward by about 12 inches,ie, from the rear of the backrest, to the end of the pad.
NOTE : If you're perhaps wanting a custom size that's wider or narrower , or want the pads to extend further forward...."at this stage" we'll do this for you at no extra charge....all we ask for for about a week to get them custom made to size.

The armrests have a new sleek curved design with fewer bends resulting in a stronger construction.

If you want to ride the bike without the armrest, simply pull out a hinge pin and take them off. The actual mounting bracket stays on the backrest for a quick and simple re install, just mesh the two together and push in the hinge pin, it takes a matter of seconds to do .

We decided to upgrade the quality and now make the passenger armrest using top quality stainless steel which is highly polished to look as good as, or even better than chrome. With stainless steel, unlike chrome, scratches, can be polished away, no peeling of chrome to worry about, and, will not rust.

*No ugly chrome scratches or peeling, and will not rust
*Will fit most cruiser bike backrests
*Very easy to fit, no mod's required
*Flips up and down
*Clamps to the backrest
*Our own designed quick remove hinge pin allows easy separation of pieces, on and off within a matter of seconds.
*The large armrest tube can quickly be removed, the clamp remains in place
*Comfortable Molded Polyurethane pads, water proof and UV resistant


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