This page is to show things such as, new products, product availability, production up dates etc.

10/10/2017 : New Product, soon to be available .... This is a new version of armrests that will fit almost any sissy bar. Very adjustable....
NOTE : This new armrest will not be replacing our existing universal armrest, it's just another choice or option, especially for those bikes that have sissy bars that our existing armrest won't fit.

Update ... 15/09/2017 ...  I'll be listing a few sets of the f/controls within the next few hours...

UPDATE ... 09/09/2017 ... I finally have a small quantity of the f/controls available. They will become available on the website within the next few days... first come first served. Once this initial batch is sold I'll be listing more as and when they become available.

UPDATE ... 31/08/2017 ... for those who are patiently waiting for the forward controls, the first small batch will be ready for sale on the website soon. The chromer has promised me the last bits and pieces I need by early to mid next week.

UPDATE ...28/06/17 ... Regarding the forward controls, shouldn't be too much longer, hopefully. The chromer guys are really backed up so I just have to wait my turn in the line.

UPDATE ...21/05/17 ... More bits and pieces for the forward controls are done...

Forward Control pieces

UPDATE ... 08/05/17 .... For those that are interested in the "Forward Controls" , I've got a limited amount of the "up front" version in production. Last week I got some of the pieces folded, and more of the individual pieces from the lazer cutting  guys will be ready early next week, so it's all coming together.

UPDATE ... 20/03/17 .... The seat rails are ready, limited stock available on their website page.